About Us

Equipments Bangladesh ltd is the first website and software-based online platform through which construction and agricultural machine are trade & sale, rent, and provide after-sale services around Bangladesh. From this website manufacturers and end users can easily know about the available new and used equipment. The manufacturer can trade & sell and rent their equipment. On the other hand, the Client can easily buy and take rent heavy equipment from this site. We are working with equipment for the last 12 years in this field. Our mother company Escape Bangladesh Ltd. Is the leading EPC and Logistic service company in Bangladesh.
Last few years, Bangladesh Government has started a lot of mega development Projects around the country, and the budget of those projects is approximately 100-200 billion dollars. Much international company working on those projects. Last 20 years most of the logistic equipment rental company use very old machines for those projects. But nowadays many international companies engage in those projects, so they are looking for new and updated machinery for their project and the Government has a guideline for the safety issue.
From our market research, Approximately 10 thousand Agricultural equipment are needed in Bangladesh. This demand is increasing day by day. Nearly 2 thousand Agriculture machines are available in Bangladesh but most of the machines are not well modernized. Out of that international equipment, the manufacturer company fulfills the 10% demand and the remaining 90% of the demand is still insufficient. In the case of Construction machinery, approximately 3 -5 thousand construction machines are needed in Bangladesh. This requirement is increasing day by day but the supply of equipment is less than a requirement. Different international equipment manufacturer companies fulfill the 30% demand and the remaining 70% of the demand is still insufficient.
To fulfill the demand for Construction and Agriculture machines, we are going to establish a Construction and Agriculture machinery assembly factory in Bangladesh free zone as soon as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to trade and sell the best Construction and Agriculture machines at reasonable prices to satisfy the customers efficiently.
We also provide rental and after-sale service to our customers through our designed software. By ensuring the best machine with the best price and experienced Technical, Mechanical, and Sales & Marketing teams all around Bangladesh, so that we can reach our goal.

Our Vision

We are the first software-based trade & sale, rental, and after-sales service company (such as Uber) through which customers from any corner of the world can know about the machine’s ability or any other information by clicking. Our vision is to establish an environment-friendly SKD manufacturing Plant through which we plan to market updated Construction and Agriculture machine throughout Bangladesh. Later on, we’ll work on establishing a sustainable Assembly factory by collecting raw materials.
We are also working on rental and after-sales services. So that, in future we can provide modernized eco-friendly service to our customers.